Super glue moms

Stay at moms dint have it as easy as most people think. I didnt become a SAHM until my youngest was born. I worked full time for almost 20 years before that, most of that time a single mom of 2. That was a non stop process. Being a stay at home is just as non stop. I also babysit during the week for a few friends, so I always have littles. Then there is the house work, laundry, driving to and from school, lunch prepping, animal wrangling lol. I definatly have a beer perspective for both types of moms. Whether you stay at home, or work full time, being mom is just non stop. I get up an hour earlier then I need to be in the morning just so I can have an hour of quiet to go with my coffee. The need for a routine is a must in my house, especially with a child with Autism. You break that routine and it makes for an extreamly difficult day for both of you. If I wake him up 30 minutes too late, then I just make the day harder on himself, his teacher, his TA’s, not to mention myself. So I give props to all of us moms, whether we stay home, work, have 1 kid or 5. We are the glue. Blog ya later!!🤟

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